peruvian food causa acevichada (1)

Peruvian food: Causa acevichada

Peruvian food: Causa acevichada

Peru is well-known for its delicious traditional food, and we know that one of the highlights of our trip to Peru was definitely enjoying their traditional food.

As with Ecuador, Peru has a privileged location, with Amazon rainforest, Coast, and highlands, resulting in many dishes.


peruvian food causa acevichada (1)

In this article, we want to discuss a tasty Ecuadorian dish, causa acevichada.

What is causa acevichada

A causa is one of the most popular Peruvian appetizers or starters.

The word causa translates as “cause,” but it’s believed to derive from the word kausay, which comes from the indigenous Andean language of Quechua.

In Peru, causa is used for “potatoes”  and thus the origin of the name of this dish.

peruvian food causa acevichada (1)



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How its made

Causa is a dough made with mashed potato and ají amarillo chili pepper layered with seafood and a slight hint of mayonnaise topped off with a slice of boiled egg.

The original recipe is made with mashed potato dough used in different shapes and presentations for this dish and a layer of shredded fish fillet in the middle.

On this occasion, we had causa acevichada, which is made with crabmeat, and prawns with mayonnaise instead of fish fillet.


What it tastes like

Causa acevichada has a mix of delicious flavors, some from the coastal region, like the seafood, that blend nicely with the mashed potatoes from the Andes of Peru.




How and where to eat causa acevichada

Whether you visit Peru or a restaurant offering Peruvian food, the odds of finding causa acevichada on the menu are rather high. Causa acevichada is one of the popular appetizers in Peruvian gastronomy and definitely one that will allow you to enjoy some of the flavors of the Coastal region of Peru.


peruvian food causa acevichada (1)


Other dishes you may want to taste while you visit Peru are the causa rellena,  chicha morada, aji de gallina, and for dessert order some suspiro limeno. 

Where to go

Here are insider tips on what to do in Lima, you can also visit Machu Picchu, top hikes, Iquitos, the island of the UrosTaquile Island, and the top restaurants in the gastronomical capital Lima. Or you may also enjoy a road trip from Machala to Tumbes. 

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peruvian food causa acevichada (1)


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Peruvian food: Causa acevichada

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