The Stavanger Region, Norway – Photo Essay

As an expat, living in the Stavanger Region, a place surrounded by boundless beauty, with fjords and mountains and just gorgeous vistas all around , I have had the opportunity not only to enjoy my love for travelling, but also found some great inspiration for enjoying one of my fondest passions: photography.

This is the great because due to my current job, working with the Convention Bureau and Destination Company promoting the region – (Region Stavanger), I work with Social Media and Digital Marketing.  So,  what better way to help show the world this lovely region located in the Norwegian fjords, than creating this photo gallery! Facebook page

I also recommend that you to take a look at my friend Paul’s blog Northernfjords He is blogging on this region and Norway, and has some very good tips and useful information to share!

Enjoy a region full of astonishing wonders!

Guest Blogger

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I have written an article as a guest blogger for HI Hostels, about the region, here is the link: