Insiders’ tip: What to do in Lima according to a local

Insiders’ tip: What to do in Lima according to a local

Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru, this city has a lot to offer to visitors due to its heritage and history, as well as the offer of the most extraordinary gastronomy around the world.

To know a little more about this beautiful city, we interview a friend of ours to get the point of view from a local, his name is Javier Falcon, his from Lima Peru.

What makes Lima special for tourism?

Lima is one of the most diverse cities of Latinoamerica. It was once the ‘capital of South America’ during the colonial times so the Spanish and Inka’s influence is everywhere.
Later, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Germans immigrants came to stay creating an interesting mix, reflected not only on cultural aspects but also in architecture and gastronomy.

Which are the top 3 attractions to visit in Lima? Tell us a bit about each one.

More than an attraction, an activity – discover the amazing local cuisine. Lima is nowadays considered the gastronomical capital of Latin America and has a lot to offer from street food to fine cuisine (3 restaurants are in the top 50 of the famous Sant Pellegrino List, with one positioned as number 4 worldwide).
Lima Historical Downtown is worth a visit. Get lost looking at the old palaces and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the many churches.  Remember to always look up and you will understand why Lima was once called ‘Ciudad de los Balcones’ (City of the Balconies).
Pachacamac is a pre-Inka sanctuary, adoration place of the also called Pachacamac – God of the earthquake.  This place was later used by the Inkas due to its importance, people from all parts of South-America will come to pay their respects.
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Where do you go for the best traditional food?

A difficult (or maybe easy) question to answer – everywhere! Peruvian food is very diverse, combined with the local pride of the gastronomy, that restaurants serving local food are in abundance.

Nice places for a nice cup of coffee with friends?

The touristic Miraflores district, at the ‘Calle de las Pizzas’ if you are in a party mood or the bohemian/intellectual Barranco, if you feel like chatting, discuss about politics, art, life or simply for relaxing.

The best view or lookout point? (from where)


Larcomar, tasty food, refreshing drinks with astonishing view.  Watch the beaches, the surfers or simply enjoy the breeze. The sunset is jaw-dropping!




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Insiders’ tip: What to do in Lima according to a local

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