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Claire Tales of a Backpackerm boliviaClaire Sturzake –  Top 5 Adventure tourism spots in South America

Claire began blogging as a hobby, then left her office job in 2015 to travel solo around South America and write about her adventures. Now back in Latin America and traveling full time, her blog Tales of a Backpacker is designed for travelers on a budget who are still willing to splurge on once in a lifetime experiences. Aiming to seek out the best food, drink & experiences in a destination without breaking the bank, she loves to share her stories & inspire others to travel.

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Wandering-Wagars photo perfil photoWandering Wagars –  Top 5 Adventure tourism spots in South America

The Wandering Wagars are an Adventure Travel Family from Canada. They look to inspire families to explore the world and look beyond the traditional when they search for travel inspiration.

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lares valey peru 4Scott and Jaynie Wall –  Top 5 Adventure tourism spots in South America

Scott and Jaynie Wall are Active Lifestyle Travel Bloggers based in the mountains of Northern California. Their love of the outdoors inspires them every day. This couple loves to incorporate long distance trekking, cycling and yoga into their travels.

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top-5-adventure-tourism-spots-south-america 2Wandering Wagars –  Top 5 Adventure tourism spots in South America

Cherri Megasko is a full-time traveler who has an insatiable thirst for all things eco. She particularly loves exploring Central and South America and snorkeling around the world.

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Bill Grantham

Bill GranthamBest places to eat in Cuenca, Ecuador

Bill is from Florida,  United States. He is a photographer and an overall lover of food and culture. From a very young age he was intrigued by other cultures and he wanted to learn why and how they lived. There is no need to miss that quality time with your family because you are behind the camera.

At BGrantham Photography, we are there for all of those special times, and guess what, you are in the pictures or video as well.

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profile pictureClaudia Tavani The three places you absolutely must visit in Colombia

Claudia is from Cagliari (Sardinia) and is obsessed with travelling. A former human rights lawyer and academic, after devoting her life to the protection of cultural identity, in November 2013 Claudia decided to give in to her biggest passion and started travelling around Latin America, and she has hardly stopped since. Blogging came as a natural consequence, for Claudia wanted to let her family and friends be updated with her adventures.

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barbara SzekeresBarbara Wagner – 4 places to see in Northern Argentina

A London based luxury travel and lifestyle blogger of She left her country when she was 17 to conquer the World as a model. Ever since she has lived in seven countries and visited 63. She blogs about the hottest jet-set destinations and the most prestigious events around the World such as Venice, Cannes San Sebastian Film Festivals, Oscar Parties in LA, Fashion Weeks in Milan or Paris, yacht parties in St-Tropez as well as Prince Albert’s wedding in Monaco. She writes about art shows like Freeze in London, Miami Art Basel or the Biennale in Venice. She also writes about adventure travel across Asia, South-America and Europe. Read about her latest adventures to Sri Lanka and St-Tropez on her blog.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 13.57.27Sean and Jean Boyle Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Sean and Jen are freelance writers and bloggers at They travel full-time and share their stories about food, people and destinations they find along the way. Their goal is to inspire others to explore destinations that they may not have considered, or to embark on adventures they believed were beyond their grasp. They has been living their dream of traveling the world for two years and counting.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 13.55.56Christina LouiseTop 5 Things to do in Iquitos, Peru

Singlemumtravels´ Tina-Louise, a single parent from London, England, a mother of one son, Joshua 7, who she takes around the world globetrotting as a solo traveller on her wild and wacky adventures from the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the Deserts of Oman to the joy and happiness of Disneyland, Join her on this incredible adventure of parenthood and adventure travel!

You can read her blog, here: www.singlemumtravels. Find them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.



7 Great things about Koh TaoPauline Solheim Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Pauline is founder and content creator at Pauline is a Norwegian girl who started exploring the world and now can’t stop. She loves discovering new places, meeting new people, and enjoying crazy adventures; all lead to new stories to tell.

She blogs about her experiences at Pauline Travels. Follow her on FacebookPinterest and Instagram




NomadicTexanMike Hinshaw – Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Nomadic Texan´s Mike is a NT(Native texan.. born and bred in the Lone Star state) He started traveling at a young age and spent two months in SE Asia in the 70´s. Hasn´t looked back.

He started his travel and Food Blog in 2013 and currently resides in the Austin area.

He loves photography and the foods of the world, you can follow his blog at Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and G+




The best things in life are free… or pretty damn cheap!

Victor Eekhof is a young world explorer from Amsterdam. He have traveled to more than 50 countries in 6 continents, always traveling on a budget.

He is here to help you find alternative and affordable destinations, activities and transport. Are you looking for a short city trip, planning a gap year or want to head up a mountain trail? You will find how-to guides and tips on his blog: Victor’s Travels.

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DCIM100GOPROGOPR0458.Robson Cadore – Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Robson is a sports enthusiast roaming the world with his wife Natalie.  On the road since April 2014, he finds time for some training and competitions while traveling. He already ran the Half Marathon of Angkor Wat, Paris Marathon, Ironman Malaysia and Singapore Marathon.  Follow their adventures on Love and Road.

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mismatched passportsJon and Gia – Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Mismatched Passports is a travel blog dedicated to the journey around the world of the New Zealander – Filipina couple, Jon and Gia. For 18 months they have travelled to over 30 countries in 5 continents. Follow their journey at

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Howard Blount Howard Blount – Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America

Howard is founder and editor of Backroad Planet, a road trip, fly-drive, and cruising adventure travel web site. Backroad Planet promotes the philosophy that taking scenic routes, stopping at historical sites, and getting immersed in local flavor are the best ways to travel. Howard has traveled internationally since boyhood and now his passion is navigating the roads-less-traveled of this amazing planet in search of anything rare and remote.

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Gemma and Craig Two Scots Abroad Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaGemma Armit – Travel bloggers share their best traditional food of South America & Top hikes in Peru

Two Scots Abroad (Gemma and Craig) have downed tools as teacher and tradesman in Scotland and are travelling around the Americas and Europe on an 18 month career break. Join them as they ski in B.C, hike volcanoes in Nicaragua, and party in Portugal!

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nelson_mochileroNelson Mochilero – Top HIkes in Peru

NelsonMochilero peruvian travel blogger creator of the first travel blog in Latinamerica – (2005). His  focus is on adventure, backpacking, mysteries and places with history. Now he makes videos on youtube

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Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 19.14.19Kiara Gallop – Top Hikes in Peru

Hi I’m Kiara, the Travel Blogger, Photographer, Storyteller & Adventuress behind Gallop Around The Globe. I can usually be found hiking up mountains, getting lost in the cobblestone streets of my favourite cities, making friends with a furry feline or two, photographing cacti, or grazing on olives and cheese.

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14 Machu Picchu Peru49Jon Algie – Top HIkes in Peru

A teacher, travel blogger and former social media introvert from New Zealand on an indefinite trip around the world.

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gravatar pic, Aaron KAaron K – Travel books that have inspired serious wanderlust

A travel blogger from St. Louis. A naturalist and spiritual seeker, he spends much of his time outdoors or studying intuitive development to improve the lives of others. Follow his blog Amble Unbound for more stories of adventure, humor and inspiration.

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skjermbildeChantell – Travel books that have inspired serious wanderlust

Chantell Glenville is a best selling author, entrepreneur and traveler. Her latest book, Travel for Your Life, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. In it you’ll discover how to quit your job, travel the world and transform you life. Chantell also shares her advice on travel, including suggested routes around countries to reduce planning time and essential traveling tips on her website

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Tara – Travel books that have inspired serious wanderlust

A 30 something waitress who doesn’t fit into the conventional
life. Has tailored her life to facilitate her greatest passion ~ travel.
Along the way she has discovered some other passions; yoga, helping people,
learning new languages.  She just tries to enjoy each day, live in the moment, learn new things and explore this incredible world we call home.

Follow her blog The Travel Waitress to get inspiration.

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Elisa Williams – How Camping Differs Among Different Countries and Cultures

Elisa is a young and ambitious blogger who has been researching self-development for the past two years and is now off traveling the world. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and be the person to whom they say; “Because of you, I never gave up”.

She also is a graphic designer at Seoforx.







Emma WilsonI’m Emma, the creator of Vegan Calm.

How To Eat Vegan While Traveling

Seven years ago, I decided to become a vegan, mainly for ethical and physical health reasons.


It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, and I did a ton of research before deciding to dive deep into the vegan lifestyle.
At that time in my life, I was under a lot of stress from my career and personal relationships.
To my surprise, shortly after beginning my new vegan diet, I noticed that I felt much calmer and more peaceful with my place in life.



Erin Neil

Erin Neil is an experienced content writer and a passionate traveler.
Author of:
Nine Unforgettable Experiences In Mexico City
With six years of expertise in the field, she has become a valuable asset to the team at “” where she serves as the dedicated author. Erin’s love for exploring new destinations and immersing herself in different cultures fuels her writing, allowing her to create engaging and informative content for travel enthusiasts around the world.