Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)

Unveiling the Energizing Wonders of Guayusa: A Journey through Ecuador’s Rainforest

 Unveiling the Energizing Wonders of Guayusa: A Journey through Ecuador’s Rainforest

Nestled deep within the lush Amazon rainforest of Ecuador lies a remarkable plant known as Guayusa. Its history intertwines with the indigenous communities, serving as their source of vitality for generations.



Guayusa thrives in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, alongside sporadic growth in Peru and Colombia. It’s harvested from towering trees under shaded canopies, reaching heights of nearly 100 feet, sustaining the native Kichwa people with its robust energy.


Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)

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Production and Export:

Traditionally a local tradition, Guayusa has now transcended borders, gaining global recognition. Ecuadorian markets brim with dried leaves, while convenient tea bags grace supermarket shelves, making their energizing essence accessible worldwide.


Order Now:

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Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)

Guayusa in Huberman Lab Podcasts:

Delve deeper into the science behind Guayusa with Dr. Andrew Huberman’s enlightening discussions on its cognitive benefits, shedding light on its role in enhancing focus and mental clarity.






Add 2 teaspoons of tea per 8-12 oz of water. Steep for 2 minutes at 150° Fahrenheit.

If you are interested in a lighter brew try using 1 teaspoon or 1 bag, for 1 minute, and if you like a stronger brew leave the leaves for 3 minutes.

Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)

Health Benefits:

Experience a sustained energy boost with Guayusa, free from harsh chemicals. Laden with antioxidants, amino acids, and chlorogenic acids, it offers a natural solution for vitality, weight management, and overall well-being.

Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)

Exploring the Napo and Pastaza provinces in Ecuador

From the vibrant biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest to the majestic Andes mountains, this region captivates adventurers with its untouched beauty. Immerse yourself in indigenous culture, trek through lush jungles, and marvel at cascading waterfalls. Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled escapades or serene moments of tranquility, Napo and Pastaza offer an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of Ecuador’s untamed wilderness, where every step unveils a new adventure waiting to be discovered.


Guayusa stands as nature’s gift, bridging cultures and continents with its energizing allure. Embrace this herbal elixir to revitalize your body and mind, embarking on a journey of wellness rooted in Ecuador’s rich biodiversity.

Another couple of dishes we recommend trying while you are in the Amazon rainforest are maito, chicha, and chontacuro.


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Herbal infusion from Ecuador Guayusa (5)


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Unveiling the Energizing Wonders of Guayusa: A Journey through Ecuador’s Rainforest

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