What to do in Cumbayá, Quito Ecuador

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What to do in Cumbayá, Quito Ecuador

Cumbayá is a rural parish or suburban town, just twenty minutes of the Metropolitan District of Quito, located in the Pichincha Province in Ecuador.

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This warm valley has shopping malls, designer stores, decoration and jewelry shops, cinemas, bars, cafes and restaurants near the central park and the church. It is nowadays a vibrant area of Quito.

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The weather in this town is semi-tropical year round with a short rainy season, this is why so many people love to come here for the weekend. Cristina lived all her live in Cumbayá, until she left to Norway and loved the beautiful weather she enjoyed there all year long.

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You can also enjoy plenty activities outdoors, getting to contact nature here.

Some of them include   a railway track called El Chaquiñan used both for  cyclist enthusiasts  and walkers.

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This road is an ecological path where you can encounter some sparrows, blackbirds and hummingbirds along the way, and enjoy the peace and quiet of this valley.

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It is safe to walk during the day and afternoon along this path, which attracts visitors and locals alike.

In addition to the ecological path, you can also do some hiking and mountain biking, so if you have a bike this is a great place to visit on a sunny day in Quito.

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How to get there?

if you are driving your own car it will take just 20 minutes to get to Cumbayá.  You have to take the Av. Granados towards the round about circle of ciclista and go straight, continue througth this road until you get two the second bridge and then turn right, and follow the signs to Cumbayá.

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If you are planning to go by public transportation from Quito,  you have to take the bus system integrated called Ecovía in the North of Quito, the bus station is called Rio Coca. You leave the station and walk a few steps where you can find the buses that goes to Cumbayá.



This warm valley attracts visitors who want to enjoy nature,  go swimming, playing sports in country clubs, and to do some exercise along the walking path.   El Chaquinan allows visitors to connect with the environment and have a relaxing outdoors.

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