Bled in Slovenia, a family trip through central Europe


Bled.. A small islet taken out from a fairy tale!        The islet that is the most photographed site in Bled was frequented already in prehistory. In 1004, Bled was donated by German emperor Henry II to Albuin, bishop of Brixen.    Book a tour These are some tour options from Ljubljana and […]

Day trip to Montenegro


  If you are in Dubrovnik go on a day tour to Montenegro or fly directly to Montenegro. This is a great destination to visit in Europe.    We chose to book a day tour from Dubrovnik and you can book yours here. We wake up early to start our day tour to Montenegro   […]

3 couple of friends exploring Dubrovnik during Easter


  What to do, where to go, sights and more in Dubrobnik      Planning the trip The idea was already incepted in our brains by one of our friends. We should try to plan a trip together they said, we of course felt compelled to join!   Some days researching on the best places […]

A relaxed weekend in vibrant Berlin


A relaxed weekend in vibrant Berlin Who has not wanted to visit Berlin? For us, we have been waiting long for a trip together to this vibrant city. It is March 13th, and our journey starts in Stavanger.   We have a two-hour layover in Copenhague, I keep finding inspiration on what to do and […]

Fun for all ages in Florida


Wondering what to do and expect during your visit to Florida? Here are some of the activities and places you can visit there.    With our Disney day pass, we chose to visit Disney’s Hollywood studios. Despite some of us having been there before when it was MGM, we all agreed that these amusement parks […]

Exploring West Palm Beach, a Mecca for leisure travel

West Palm Beach

Time to explore a bit more of West Palm Beach in Florida!   Our 9 days of vacation together with the family in West Palm starts with our flight at 9:55am towards Oslo.    It is 1625 and we are en route! Looking forward to some great days with sun and the family!    We […]

Exploring Catalonia including a city break in Barcelona


  Exploring Catalonia including a city break in Barcelona.   Our trip starts at Sola airport – Norway at 7:00 am, when we check in for our charter flight to Barcelona.     We arrive to Barcelona on a sunny day of many more to come! That day, we had  20C in the airport of […]

Paris: a getaway of culture and romance


Paris: a getaway of culture and romance   6:00am, sat 12th 2014! Start the day early to so as much as possible on the first day is out moto for the day! Aka “Early bird catches the fly”. Something we were going to keep confirming as the days passed. With only 2 carry-ons, lots of […]

Istanbul, the perfect getaway destination!


Istanbul, the perfect getaway destination! First of all I want to share wit you this website, it is perfect to find & book tours in Istanbul.  About Istanbul   This city defines the word metropolis! With more than 13 million inhabitants, Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world and the only one […]

Budapest in a nutshell


Budapest in a nutshell Budapest the capital of Hungary with 2 million inhabitants. It is divided in two parts Pest – the commercial and Buda used to be the political center, which until the 19th century used to be separated. They are divided by the Danube river About the etymology of the name of the […]

Stockholm: A romantic getaway


Had I considered Stockholm a romantic destination? No! The truth is that Stockholm was positioned in my mind as a cultural, modern Scandinavian capital city. I had this vision of the Swedish economic system, with Ericsson, IKEA, H & M, and Absolut Vodka as the main international and widespread brands. There are a myriad of […]

Memorable moments! Family trip from Florida to New York!

family trip

Memorable moments! Family trip from Florida to New York! My parents are to be thanked for my love for traveling. They have always enjoyed meeting people from different parts of the world, as well as going to different destinations and thus, so have we! Traveling is a mind opener and it for sure gives each […]