Bled in Slovenia, a family trip through central Europe

Bled.. A small islet taken out from a fairy tale! 
The islet that is the most photographed site in Bled was frequented already in prehistory. In 1004, Bled was donated by German emperor Henry II to Albuin, bishop of Brixen. 

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Bled became known due to its sanatorium and was in the early 20th c. The finest health resort in the Austrian empire. 


First, we headed up to the castle 






Bled is “table” a very attractive area already back to the Stone Age. 

Bled Castle

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia, dating probably back to 1011. Date when German king Henry II awarded bishop Albuien of Brixen.








Chapel of the 16th century. 

From the top you get an awe-inspiring view over Upper Carniola region(between Karavanke mountains and the Julian alps) from the top we see the border with Austria and in the middle the island with a church on it, which is an icon of the city and the country.
This is the view from the Romance walls which on the side has a gothic defense tower.
After the 1st world war, all Bled was destroyed. 
Saint Martin’s church 




From the Tourist Information Office, we continue 20 minutes by foot opposite side of the castle in order to rent a nice rowing boat.  


We had a lot of fun, though only the guys managed to row. 



Hubby showed his prowess with the oars and managed to get us back almost on time. 


Luckily our taxi driver (the one we met from the train station to the city center, came to pick us up at that spot, so we didn’t have to walk back 20 minutes. 
We are back in Ljubljana at 20:40, and from there we walked downtown to get a traditional pastry: Burek
The perfect way to end the day. 
We stopped right in front of the castle by the bridge and enjoy some local wine to end the evening in the city center. 






We then went for a something to drink to the outside bars and cafes located along the river. This is a nice area with vibrant night life, not to noisy, yet full of students as this is a student city, located not far from our cozy small AirBnB apartment. 

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Bled in Slovenia, a family trip through central Europe

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