Top 5 most traditional Ecuadorian soups

Top 5 most traditional Ecuadorian soups

Top 5 most traditional Ecuadorian soups

Whether you are in the Andes cordillera or in the Coastal region of Ecuador, you will always find a traditional soup on the menu in restaurants all over the country.

Ecuador is the source of many delicacies and superfoods, such as chia, chocolate, and coffee. The cuisine in Ecuador is one of the most ancient in all of South America.

Every time you savor a different soup, you get a sample of the country’s tastes and the diversity that is at the core of everything.

Due to the variety of recipes available, Ecuador is now part of the World’s Top on soup varieties.

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Which soups made it to the top traditional soups to eat in Ecuador by Visit Ecuador and South America?

Caldo de pata ecuador

Caldo de pata or cow feet soup

Find out all about this hearty Ecuadorian soup.

Locro de papa

One of the best soups from the Ecuadorian highlands in the Andes mountains.


Taste the flavors of the Coastal region of Ecuador with this delicious soup.

Biche or viche de pescado

Find out more about this traditional Ecuadorian fish soup.


Find out more about this delicious Ecuadorian Easter soup.
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We have created a list of the top 5 traditional Ecuadorian soups so that you can savor some of the tastes and traditions of the country. Every soup represents all the wealth and diversity that the country has to offer.

You will undoubtedly find other soup options that you will enjoy, such as encebollado and sopa de bolas de verde. Once you visit Ecuador and decide to start tasting some soup options, you will discover many delicious options available.

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