Ecuadorian food: biche or viche de pescado

Ecuadorian food: biche de pescado or viche de pescado

Manabi, a prominent province in Ecuador, boasts impressive fishing production, resulting in some scrumptious dishes that will delight your palate.

On the other hand, Montecristi symbolizes excellence in crafting Panama straw hats, known for their unparalleled quality. These hats demand meticulous weaving, patience, and expert craftsmanship, making them a rare and treasured find.

Whether you make it to the Coastal region of Ecuador or not, this is one soup that you should definitely taste if you are in the country.  Viche is a delightful soup made here that embodies the region’s rich heritage and bountiful resources. First of all, it has the perfect combination of flavors of the sea. In addition, the soup is thick and filling. So, you will probably not want to order a second dish after eating it.   

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What is biche de pescado?

Viche or biche de pescado is a hearty fish soup traditional from Manabi province in the Coastal region of Ecuador.



What is it made of

This soup´s ingredients are fish, yuca, corn, ripe plantain, peanut, garlic, onion, and other seasonings.

FacebookHow to eat it

The soup is served, ready for you to enjoy.


In addition, If you are making the soup at home, you can add sweet potatoes and kidney beans to the recipe.

In conclusion, if you like soups and are not against the idea of enjoying a warm soup whilst, in warm weather, biche de Pescado is ideal for you.

Make sure to add viche or biche de pescado to your list of traditional food to taste during your visit to Ecuador. Also, when you visit Ecuador, you will find that there are many delicious soups to choose from.  I will recommend you taste this one if possible.

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Ecuadorian food: biche or viche de pescado

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