Las Lajas

Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia. A day trip

One of the best attractions for visitors on their way to Ipiales in the border between Ecuador and Colombia is the Sanctuary of Las Lajas.


Las Lajas

Most Ecuadorians living in the Northern part of the country have a tradition of making a trip to the city of Ipiales at least once a year, the main purpose being that of shopping.

We had done this trip several times with my family, but had not stopped but recently in Las Lajas.

About Las Lajas Sanctuary

The cathedral finished in 1949 is a jewel of engineering. The cathedral was built on a bridge over the Guaitara river and one of the most attractive features are the gorgeous stained glass windows.

As you walk down the cobblestone road to this impressive Cathedral, you will find plenty souvenir shops.

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Las Lajas

About the Teleferico

I have not been there in recent years but I know that there is a Teleferico now taking you down to the Sanctuary and though it takes 30 minutes for the ride it allos to take in magnificent vistas over this part of the Andes.


Interesting facts and information

Visited by pilgrims from all over the world

You will find several plaques along the way, they are made by families who have placed them there.

The Las Lajas Sanctuary  was declared the second wonder of Colombia in 2007.

Three-hundred and twenty-eight feet separate the edge of the Guáitara River and the tip of the Las Lajas Sanctuary.

The best spot for photography is the restaurant facing the cathedral.


So if you are planning on visiting Colombia or are wondering what to do in Ipiales, skip the city unless you want do some shopping and go straight to Las Lajas.

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Las lajas

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Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia. A day trip

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