Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra: A Sustainable Retreat

Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra: A Sustainable Retreat

We embarked on our road trip from the bustling capital of Quito to the enchanting city of Ibarra, not without visiting the colorful Otavalo open-air market and enjoying some traditional bizcochos. We found a place to enjoy a tranquil escape near Ibarra and found this permaculture farm that is a natural haven for relaxation, healing, and connection. This blog post unveils the unparalleled experience of glamping at Permasalud, immersed in organic crops and a dedication to environmental responsibility.

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Why Choose Glamping in an Eco-Friendly Oasis

For us, Permasalud is the place where glamping merges with sustainable living near Ibarra.  Picture waking up to nature’s symphony, surrounded by solar panels, biodigestors, and recycling initiatives.

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At Permasalud you can embrace sustainable living with picturesque views, cozy amenities, and the opportunity to forge a deeper connection with nature.

Your stay transcends mere accommodation—it’s a conscious retreat for the eco-minded traveler.

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

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Services and Holistic Wellness

Booking a package at Permasalud transcends traditional glamping, offering forest therapy inspired by Shinrin-Yoku, guided meditations, and therapeutic massages. You can engage your senses and absorb nature’s healing essence and for us just being able to feel surrounded by nature and such tranquility ensured we could recharge.
This sanctuary becomes a haven for holistic well-being, providing a unique space to recharge from the daily hustle.

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1) 2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)


Embarking on the road to Permasalud is an adventure in itself. Explore Otavalo’s vibrant open-air market and the charm of Ibarra. For a day filled with cultural delights and colorful handcrafts, Otavalo invites exploration. Alternatively, take a scenic road trip from Quito to Otavalo, immersing yourself in breathtaking landscapes. Whichever route you choose, Permasalud stands ready as the ultimate destination for nature enthusiasts and eco-conscious travelers.


The accommodation options include 4 tents and 3 domes, all well equipped. In our case, we chose a dome with a private bathroom and kitchen with all utensils, solar energy for light and water, a private campfire, private parking and it included breakfast. At PermaSalud you will have sustainability at the core, including solar panels, biodigestors, and recycling initiatives.



2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)



Nothing like starting the day with a good breakfast! We got our served in our dome, and it included scrambled eggs, fresh juice, coffee, and bread with cheese, jam and butter.

The vibrant juice, with the peaceful landscape gave us an opportunity to practice some mintful eating and set the tone for the day.


2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

Exploring Nature: Glamping Near Ibarra at Permasalud

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

Experiences to Reconnect with Yourself

PermaSalud is a great venue for retreats, offering a maximum group size of 30.

I loved being able to walk through the healing labyrinth to find serenity, and if you want to you can also pamper yourself with therapeutic massages.

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

Connect with Nature

Immerseing yourself in organic cultivation and forest therapy is also possible at PermaSalud.

If you love walking, you can explore the nearby Peribuela forest with community permission, fostering a deep connection with the natural wonders surrounding Cotacachi volcano.

2 Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra (1)

Relax by the Water

Water is an element that helps recharge and you can do so in their contemplation garden with a cascading waterfall.

Enjoy Horseback Riding, Board Games, and the Swimming Pool

Whether you want to do some activities outdoors or indoors, this is the place for you. You can engage in the thrill of horseback riding, challenge yourself with board games, and soon you will be able cool off in their refreshing swimming pool.

Activities Nearby – Cotacachi, Ibarra, Atuntaqui, Otavalo

Discover the cultural richness of Cotacachi, the charm of Ibarra, the tranquility of Atuntaqui, and the vibrant markets of Otavalo—all conveniently located near Permasalud. Experience the diverse wonders that surround the Cotacachi volcano.


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In conclusion, a glamping adventure at Permasalud near Ibarra promises an eco-friendly and rejuvenating experience. Book your stay and immerse yourself in a unique blend of relaxation, sustainability, and holistic healing. We can highly recommend taking this journey to rediscover your inner self, surrounded by the beauty of organic cultivation and environmentally conscious living.

In addition by booking your getaway at Permasalud, you are supporting their commitment to well-being and environmental stewardship.


Editors Disclosure: I was a guest of Permasalud. As always, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

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Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra

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Glamping at Permasalud near Ibarra: A Sustainable Retreat

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