muchines de yuca

Ecuadorian food: muchines de yuca

Ecuadorian food: muchines de yuca

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muchines de yuca

Today we want to share all about machines de yuca, a delicious dish from the Coastal region of Ecuador.

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Muchines de yuca is popular in Manabi due to their energy when eaten. It is often said that muchines are for people in Manabi what bread is for people in Ambato, a staple food that can’t be missed at breakfast.

It is said that yuca or cassava was bread, and it was the first bread they ate when arriving on the continent, and it is not surprising to find it in several cultures and regions of Latin America.

What is muchines de yuca, and how are they eaten

Muchines de Yuca is a traditional Ecuadorian dish found in the Coastal region of Ecuador, where yuca is widely grown.

The ingredients for muchines de yuca are yuca, egg, onion, achiote, queso fresco, and seasoning. For the full recipe click here. 

muchines de yuca


What it tastes like

Muchines de yuca is tasty with a crunchy outside covering a soft, savory filling.

muchines de yuca



How and where to eat muchines de yuca

Serve as an appetizer or a side dish topped with little ají hot pepper sauce. They might be eaten for breakfast with eggs or with the afternoon coffee (cafecito),  accompanied by a cup of coffee.

You can buy them ready to eat at some restaurants or on carts along the street.

In our case, we found a supplier who delivers food from Manabi, including machines de yuca, as you can see in the picture below.


muchines de yuca 5 (1)

If you love the beach or the coastal region, you may want to add Manabi province to your list, as it has gorgeous beaches, fantastic food, and much more to offer.

Other great options and dishes you can taste by the seaside are: cazuela de mariscos, viche de pescado, bolon de verde and tigrillo.

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muchines de yuca 5 (1)


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Ecuadorian food: muchines de yuca

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