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Feel just like at home at the eco-friendly Casa Verde Eco Guest House in Baños, Ecuador

Feel just like at home at the eco-friendly Casa Verde Eco Guest House in Baños, Ecuador

We had the opportunity – after 10 years – to again visit the town of Baños, also called the Gateway to the Amazon Rainforest.

Here are some of the highlights of Baños, as well as details of this comfortable house, perfect for all who love the environment and want to feel as if at home while exploring the town.

About Baños

Due to the location, between the Andes and the Amazon and tropical weather ranging from 15 to 25 degrees all year round, the city is one of the major tourist destinations in the country.

Baños offers a great variety of activities, and there is something for everyone.


Casa verde eco guest house

About Casa Verde Eco Guest House

Located close to the center of Baños (2.2km) as well as main activities, this house is ideal for all who love nature, comfort and good service. It is indeed a place to recharge, with the river in front and mountains surrounding you. The fact is that the warmth and care the proprietors show not only for its guests but also for the environment make this house one of the favorite accommodation options in Baños.

The Guest House has received positive reviews on Booking and Tripadvisor for several years.

Casa verde eco guest house

For us, having the opportunity to feel just like at home during our stay was extremely rewarding.


Casa verde eco guest house

All areas are designed to allow plenty of natural light to come in, making us enjoy the indoors as well as taking in the views of the valley and river.

Customer service

Angy and Johan were beyond helpful during our stay. They are incredibly friendly hosts, making sure to help with whatever they can and provide tips and ways for us to enjoy in the hotel and in Baños.
Thank you, Johan, for your attention to detail and making us feel just like at home during our stay!

The Rooms


Casa verde eco guest house

The rooms can be described as comfortable, spacious and clean, with big windows, and decorated with natural and local elements, incorporating the green theme. In addition, we had free wi-fi and a modern bathroom.


Casa verde eco guest house

All rooms had views, some of them to the beautiful landscape that included the river below and the mountains in the background.

For us, it was a great plus to know that the hotel offers free private parking inside the property.



Starting each day with a filling continental breakfast, allowed us to fully enjoy the activities ahead.


Casa verde eco guest house


Our plentiful tasty buffet breakfast included some homemade and organic choices: eggs made to your taste, fresh fruit, fresh juice, yogurt, granola, fresh home-made bread, home-made jam, butter, cheese, avocado, tomato, coffee, tea, and milk.

We enjoyed all our breakfasts in a peaceful place overlooking the Pastaza river and nature.


Casa verde eco guest house

The kitchen is well equipped and guests are welcome to make use of everything, allowing them to feel just like at home.

In addition, there are free drinking water refills, as well as tea, milk, juice, which is always available for guests.


Casa verde eco guest house

By the entrance, on the left side, you will find an area ideal to read or to mingle, offering an extensive DVD library (over 300 new and classic movies), as well as books, board games, and cards.

Activities at the guest house

Time to unwind

For those who are looking for a place to unwind and recharge, there are these comfy hammocks outside the rooms on the 2nd floor, perfect to read, to take a siesta or to take in the postcard view of the river with nature and birds below.

Casa verde eco guest house


Casa verde eco guest house

Casa verde eco guest house

Part of the land has several crops and trees and for us, it was noteworthy to learn that the land has been chemical-free for at least 9 years and everything is grown using organic methods.

This hummingbird above was singing and accompanying us during our 3 days at Casa Verde and we were also glad to have some other birds and butterflies flying with their bright of colors in the gardens below.

Large communal deck with hammocks, tables, and chairs

A place to rest with hammocks, tables, and chairs is one of the main features of Casa Verde Eco Guest House, here we would rest and relax. We loved meditating here and for many guests this is the best place to practice yoga.

Casa verde eco guest house


Casa Verde Eco Guest House is perfect for everyone who wants to take care of their wellbeing as well as the environment´s, featuring fruit trees (avocados, mandarins, bananas, lemons, and limes) with many others  (figs, oranges, plums, apples, and peaches).


Love nature and taking care of the environment?

Reduce, reuse and recycle

All through the house you will find decoration or parts of the actual house built with the use of sustainable practices and materials.

Casa verde eco guest house

  • It is inspiring to know that they have been re-planting the native trees that were cut down many years ago to help regenerate the area.
  • We loved witnessing the effort that Casa Verde puts into helping and showing local people how to live sustainably.
  • The house is made mostly of sustainable Ecuadorean materials and they operate in a sustainable manner.


Angie, the manager, is in charge of a beautiful project, a machine that arrived the last day of our visit, aimed at making biodegradable plates out of banana leaves.

Activities in Baños

Baños is the mecca for all searching for adventure sports, as well as ways to recharge and nurture from within. I will share some of the main activities below. For more options, visit our previous blog post of things to do in Baños.


Lunch with a view

Café del Cielo, with a vantage point offering some awe-inspiring views of the town and the Llanganates National Park, including the Tungurahua volcano is our recommendation of a restaurant to visit while in Baños. 

Casa verde eco guest house

Hiking, biking and waterfall viewing

Pailon del Diablo is located 10 km from the city and from the parking lot it was an easy 20 min walk before we got to this mighty waterfall.

Casa verde eco guest house

The path has been built to preserve and merge with the landscape, making sure that dozens of visitors reach the waterfall safely.

Casa verde eco guest house

Find out about other waterfalls in Baños, here.

Adrenaline activities

Let’s start by naming la Casa del Arbol,  a very popular place in Baños. If the weather is nice, and you are ready for a short walk uphill and doing a line to one of the 6 swings, aiming for the iconic pics you get from it, this is a place you should visit.

There are several activities available, for some there are lines, so if you have time you might want to visit La Casa del Arbol.

Otherwise, there are other places and activities you can book from downtown Baños that will have you on an adrenaline rush.

Casa verde eco guest house

Casa verde eco guest house

Casa verde eco guest house

Spa and beauty treatments

Find out about the spa options available in Baños, here.

Thermal hot pools

Find out about some of the thermal hot pools and spas in Baños, here.

Activities by night

There are several activities to enjoy in the city by night. One of them is visiting the beautiful squares and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Casa verde eco guest house

Dinner at Carpe Diem

This was a terrific recommendation by Johan at Casa Verde Eco Guest House. We had a wonderful meal, including a serenade by a local artist and a delicious calzone! The best calzone I have tasted.


Casa verde eco guest house

For dessert and coffee, we recommend visiting Bonkers café, a part of Hotel Sangay. A café inspired by Alice in Wonderland, offering an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. Including a menu inspired by the Lewis Caroll book, with fun and creative options.

During the daytime, visit Eloy Alfaro street, the place where locals and tourists meet. The street is also vibrant at night.

How to get there

A 4-hour drive from Quito will bring you to Casa Verde Eco Guest House.


What to bring

In order to fully enjoy your stay:

  • Make sure to book accommodation before you go, to do so click here.
  • Bring a couple of bathing suits for the thermal pools, and other water treatments in Baños.
  • Bring sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat if you are planning on staying outdoors for long periods of time, the equatorial sun is strong.


Casa Verde Eco Guest House was a quiet refuge in the town of Baños in Ecuador for visitors who want to support places that care about preserving the environment and creating awareness in the community, whilst combining comfort with excellent customer service.

Casa Verde Eco Guest House is my top recommendation of eco-friendly places to stay in Baños, perfect to relax during the day, to enjoy a replenishing night of sleep at night and to wake up listening to the chirping of hummingbirds and the sounds of the river.

Editors Disclosure: I was a guest of Casa Verde Eco Guest House. As always, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

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Casa verde eco guest house


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Feel just like at home at the eco-friendly Casa Verde Eco Guest House in Baños, Ecuador

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