Melcocha, the best handmade candy of Ecuador!

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Melcocha, the best handmade candy of Ecuador!

Do you have “sweet tooth” and would love not only to taste some traditional desserts and sweets while in Ecuador, but to actually taste the best handmade candy there is?

Then let me introduce you to what for me is the absolute best candy you can find in Ecuador, melcocha!



This is a special kind of candy handmade in many places around the country, though it is mostly produced in the small town of Baños in the highlands of Ecuador.

In this small town also known for a wide range of activities related to adventure tourism, you can find plenty of small stores and vendors all around, making, as well as selling this sweet candy.

instagramIf you are having a melcocha or sightseeing in South America,  I would love to see your pictures.

What is it made of?

Melcocha is a thick very sweet candy. The sweetness comes from its main ingredient: sugar cane. You can easily find melcocha year-round Ecuador.

How is it produced?

This technique which actually requires a lot of practice but mostly arm strength starts by squeezing the sugar cane. The next step is to add the vegetable slime of the Guacimo Tree to this liquid extracted from the sugar cane. Then to boil the mixture until it turns into a thick syrup, that is then placed on a plate.

This is let’s say the easy part of the process, as the real work begins once you have to shape the melcocha.

The chunk of warm sugar cane is placed in a wall, as the picture above shows, and then kneaded several times until the consistency is right. This means, getting it dry enough to break it.

You can take a look at the process here:

There are some melcochas with colors some nuts, but otherwise they are made of the same.

There are some other great snacks that you can buy in Ecuador and will be great souvenirs.

Do you want to taste melcochas?  Visit a local market or the town of Baños in Ecuador! You will really like them!


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