exotic fruits to taste in Ecua

Top 7 exotic fruits to taste in Ecuador

Top 7 exotic fruits to taste in Ecuador


Ecuador due to its location in the middle of the world and its tropical weather has a wide range of unique juicy fruits all year long.

During the many years living in Norway, I definitely looked forward to our next trip to Ecuador, as there are many fruits that can only be found in Ecuador.

I was always looking forward to coming to Ecuador and enjoying some exotic fresh fruits and my husband also started growing fond of fresh fruit, a glass of fresh fruit juice, or ice cream made with Ecuadorian fruits.

Most Ecuadorian fruits can be eaten raw, but there are several that can be used to prepare smoothies, desserts, beverages, and of course a nice glass of fresh juice.

We have here a list of our top 7 exotic fruits to taste in Ecuador and links to our blog posts where you can read all about the taste, where to get them, and more.

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Guayaba or guava fruit (3)


Learn all about this round exotic Ecuadorian fruit.
What is cherimoya fruit or chirimoya


Learn all about this strange-looking exotic Ecuadorian fruit.


Learn all about this round exotic Ecuadorian fruit with an orange skin.
Taxo Ecuador Ecuadorian fruit (4)


Learn all about this long soft exotic Ecuadorian fruit.
tomate de arbol tree tomato (4)

Tomate de Arbol

Learn all about this succulent exotic Ecuadorian fruit.
Ecuadorian fruit babaco (3)


Learn all about this less known exotic Ecuadorian fruit.
naranjilla ecuadorian fruit ecuador fruits (8)


Learn all about this round exotic Ecuadorian fruit.


Have you tasted any of these fruits before? Let us know here!


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