Amsterdam and around, what to do & see with family

  Friday afternoon we took the city hopper from KLM to what was my birthday celebration trip in Amsterdam! My husband invited me to celebrate together with my Family who live in Holland dyring my special day! I had been a few times before and luckily have family there who could show us around. Book […]

Street art tour in the Stavanger region, Norway and more…

stavanger region

Summer time in the Stavanger region! It is a great month to enjoy some local tourism in our city.  First we started with some organic breakfast at Jacob’s brød and then continued to take the ferry to Tau. We had visitors and we obviously had to take them to this iconic place, Book a tour […]

Road trip through Italy, Switzerland and Germany


This summer we have planned a road trip through Europe, especifically through Italy, Switzerland and Germany We wanted to be able to plan our trip not based on bus and train schedules, but on destinations we had not seen before. Options that are easier to reach in a group of 4, by car. Of course […]

France: Wedding in a French Castle, Summer 2016


France: Wedding in a French Castle, Summer 2016 This was a very special trip and invitation. This story begins more than 20 years ago, when I studied at the Alliance Francaise 5 years (I loved not only learning this really fascinating nice language, but also the wonderful people I met during the time I spent […]

Stavanger, Norway with the family


  This time of the year, it is perfect for visitors to come to enjoy the nice weather in the Stavanger region.  Book a guided tour After living there many years, I will highly recommend you book your guided tour to the impressive Preikestolen ahead of time to beat the lines, avoid the stress of […]

Krakow, Poland – family trip through Central Europe


Whether you are planning a weekend trip or just to be in Krakow for a day, these are some of the activities and things to consider when you visit this Polish city. We arrived to Krakow, our train was there at 7am. We stopped for some early breakfast at a french café and then continued […]

Bratislava, Slovakia -Bled in Slovenia, a family trip through central Europe


  This was a memorable visit to Bratislava, one of the youngest capital cities in the world.  About Slovakia The city is located in Slovakia, a country with 49 000 km2 and a population is 5’500 000. A country that was first part of Hungary and then of the Austrian empire. After the breakup of […]

Budapest, the sum of Buda and Pest is more than the whole.


A bit about Budapest, including where to go and what to eat.  We arrived early and are happy to be able to check in at our AirBnB appartment. We were forced to change our schedule due to an additional stop in Zagreb we did not know that our bus would take. So, from the gas […]

Bled in Slovenia, a family trip through central Europe


Bled.. A small islet taken out from a fairy tale!        The islet that is the most photographed site in Bled was frequented already in prehistory. In 1004, Bled was donated by German emperor Henry II to Albuin, bishop of Brixen.    Book a tour These are some tour options from Ljubljana and […]

Day trip to Montenegro


  If you are in Dubrovnik go on a day tour to Montenegro or fly directly to Montenegro. This is a great destination to visit in Europe.    We chose to book a day tour from Dubrovnik and you can book yours here. We wake up early to start our day tour to Montenegro   […]

3 couple of friends exploring Dubrovnik during Easter


  What to do, where to go, sights and more in Dubrobnik      Planning the trip The idea was already incepted in our brains by one of our friends. We should try to plan a trip together they said, we of course felt compelled to join!   Some days researching on the best places […]

A relaxed weekend in vibrant Berlin


A relaxed weekend in vibrant Berlin Who has not wanted to visit Berlin? For us, we have been waiting long for a trip together to this vibrant city. It is March 13th, and our journey starts in Stavanger.   We have a two-hour layover in Copenhague, I keep finding inspiration on what to do and […]