Unforgettable romantic getaways in South America

Unforgettable romantic getaways in South America: A Love Affair with Galapagos, Cartagena, Lima, and Buenos Aires

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a wedding, or a honeymoon, planning a memorable trip is essential for a couple in love. This list unveils the unforgettable romantic getaways in South America, ideal for celebrating these special moments.

Explore the most enchanting and unforgettable romantic getaways in South America. From the captivating beauty of the Galapagos Islands to the historic charm of Cartagena, the culinary delights of Lima, and the passionate allure of Buenos Aires, embark on a love-filled journey.

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Galápagos Islands – Ecuador, idyllic destination!

Galapagos - Ecuador © Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar
Galapagos – Ecuador
© Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar


  • Why Visit:

Pristine landscapes and unique wildlife make it a romantic haven.

The Galápagos Islands are the perfect destination to celebrate love! These islands located 1000 km off the Coast of Ecuador are special not only for all flora and fauna endemic to the islands but also for being the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The Galápagos Islands being so special, are bathed by the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean and gorgeous sunsets can be spotted on the horizon each day, creating an idyllic setting or scenario for the day devoted to celebrating the purest of feelings, love!

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  • Best Time to Visit:

Year-round, but May to June offers pleasant weather.


Top 3 restaurants in Galapagos:

La Tintorera Restaurante & Pub, Puerto Ayora with a nice friendly ambiance offers sushi, Japanese, vegetarian and Ecuadorian food.

Il Giardino, Puerto Ayora, Italian food served in a nice atmosphere!

La Garrapata, Puerto Ayora is located by the harbor and offers tasty Ecuadorian food.

Top 3 Hotels in Galapagos Islands:

  1. Hotel Acacia
    • Description: Hotel Acacia has a garden, a shared lounge, a terrace, and a bar in Puerto Ayora. Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying top-notch amenities.
    • Book here
  2. Blu Galapagos Sustainable Waterfront Lodge
    • Description: Choosing Blu Galapagos for your island retreat means immersing yourself in a commitment to sustainability without compromising on comfort. Discover a perfect blend of luxury and environmental consciousness.
    • Book here
  3. Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel
    • Description: Nestled near a pristine beach, Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel combines natural beauty with upscale accommodation. Enjoy personalized service and explore the wonders of the Galapagos Islands.
    • Book here

Book a tour of the Galapagos Islands

Booking a tour in the Galapagos Islands, will ease communication barriers, allow you to gain inside knowledge, and avoid the hassles of planning and logistics.  You will be sure about where you are going and what you are doing, seeing, and learning. 

Here are some great options for you.


Cartagena – Colombia, romantic scenery!

A stroll along the charming streets of Cartagena is magical! Cartagena, Colombia © Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar
A stroll along the charming streets of Cartagena is magical!
Cartagena, Colombia
© Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar
  • Why Visit Cartagena:

Colonial charm, vibrant streets, and beautiful beaches.

The charming city of Cartagena, ideally located by the Atlantic Ocean, is bathed by the blue color of the sea and all its wonderful colorful architecture offers a very romantic ambiance! The wonderful beaches with warm weather and gorgeous scenic views make it a great destination in Colombia for those celebrating love!.

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  • Best Time to Visit:

December to March for sunny weather.


Top 3 restaurants in Cartagena:

La Langosta Cartagena This restaurant is targeted at those who enjoy seafood, especially lobster. impeccable service and mouth-watering food await!

El Balcon de San Diego. Located in the heart of Cartagena, the restaurant has been described as “phenomenal”, Caribbean, Colombian, International, and Fusion Nice atmosphere indoors and outdoors by the historic Plaza San Diego, perfect for a romantic occasion!

Salou, Offering Colombian, Pacific Rim, and Asian Fusion, this place has been reviewed as fantastic in every sense. Good service and the ambiance is very romantic!

Top 3 Hotels in Cartagena:

  1. Sophia Hotel
    • Description: Nestled within the historic Old Town, this boutique gem seamlessly blends colonial charm with modern elegance. Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture while enjoying personalized service and unparalleled comfort at Sophia Hotel, creating an unforgettable experience in the heart of Cartagena.
    • Book here
  2. Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena
    • Description:  Housed in a former convent, this five-star hotel seamlessly combines rich heritage with modern sophistication. Revel in exquisite accommodations, gourmet dining, and unparalleled service, making your stay at Sofitel Legend Santa Clara an enchanting journey into the heart of Cartagena’s captivating history.
    • Book here
  3. Casa Pestagua Relais Châteaux
    • Description:  This historic mansion, a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection, invites you to indulge in luxury amid the city’s enchanting Old Town.
    • Book here

Book a tour in Cartagena

Booking a tour in Cartagena will make it a much stress-free experience. It will ease communication barriers and avoid the hassles of planning and logistics.  Here are some tour options for you.


Lima – Peru, a delicious Valentine!

A breathtaking sunset in Lima. Lima, Peru © Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar
A breathtaking sunset in Lima.
Lima, Peru
© Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar


  • Why Visit Lima:

Culinary paradise with diverse and delicious dishes.

The city of Lima located by the seaside has over 9 million inhabitants and a lot to offer! There are plenty of historical sites in the downtown area, with architecture dating back to the time of the Inca empire and colonial times.

In Lima, you can: enjoy sightseeing and visit all the attractions, and museums in the different districts of the city. Lima is known as the gastronomical capital of the Americas, a perfect destination if you enjoy fine cuisine!

If you enjoy shopping and having a nice time at a casino or having a nice time out at night, Lima has many options for those looking for a fun way to celebrate a romantic day!

  • Best Time to Visit Lima:

April to November for milder weather.

Here are some additional things to do and places to visit in Peru.

Top 3 restaurants from my own experience:

La Rosa Nautica restaurant is a classy restaurant in Miraflores offering mouth-watering seafood with splendid ocean views.

La Panchita restaurant, Miraflores. This restaurant signed by Gastón Acurio offers excellent food and service. Is perfect for any occasion.

Mangos Restaurant, shopping center Larcomar, Miraflores. good food, but what is pretty rewarding is the view.

Top 3 Hotels in Lima:

  1. Hotel B
    • Description: Immerse yourself in luxury and history at Hotel B, a boutique hotel located in Lima’s vibrant Barranco district. Enjoy a perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and culinary excellence.
    • Book here
  2. Belmond Miraflores Park
    • Description: Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Belmond Miraflores Park offers unparalleled luxury in Lima. Indulge in world-class amenities, including a rooftop pool with breathtaking ocean views.
    • Book here
  3. JW Marriott Hotel Lima
    • Description: Experience contemporary luxury at JW Marriott Hotel Lima, situated on the Miraflores boardwalk. With modern rooms and exceptional service, it’s an ideal base for exploring Lima’s attractions.
    • Book here

Book a tour in Lima

Lima is a vibrant city, and booking a tour will ease communication barriers and avoid the hassles of planning and logistics in this big city in South America.  Book ahead of your tour in Lima, here.



instagramIf you are in South America I would love to see your pictures.

Buenos Aires – Argentina – vibrant city year-round!

Buenos Aires offers far more than cultural life and excellent wine!

La Ventana, Tango Show
  • Why Visit Buenos Aires:

Tango-filled nights, rich culture, and captivating architecture.

Enjoying a romantic getaway in Buenos Aires will allow you to learn about its history and rich culture, while you admire its architecture influenced from the 19th and 20th centuries by Europe, with French, Italian, and Spanish styles.

You may want to enjoy some fine dining at Puerto Madero where meat and wine will make your mouth water and then enjoy a tango show and finish by experiencing the nightlife in this vibrant city!

  • Best Time to Visit Buenos Aires:

October to December for pleasant spring weather.

Here are some great reasons to visit Buenos Aires.

Top 3 restaurants from my own experience:

Buenos Aires Grill, Recoleta. Offering great steak and a warm ambiance, you get super value for your money!

Cabaña Villegas, Puerto Madero. Excellent steakhouse, wine, and service in the most modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires.

La Ventana Tango Show, San Telmo. Offers a very nice meal, with a superb show combining folkloric music, great choreographed tango dancing, with outstanding musicians! Try to book ahead of time.

Top 3 Hotels in Buenos Aires:

  1. Alvear Palace Hotel
    • Description: Step into grandeur at Alvear Palace Hotel, an opulent stay in the heart of Buenos Aires. Experience classic architecture, luxurious rooms, and impeccable service.
    • Book here
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires
    • Description: Discover sophistication at Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, combining modern comfort with historic charm. Enjoy a luxurious retreat in the upscale neighborhood of Recoleta.
    • Book here
  3. Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
    • Description: Escape to luxury at Palacio Duhau, part of the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. Set in a historic palace, this hotel offers a refined atmosphere, world-class dining, and elegant accommodations.
    • Book here

Book a tour in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has so many activities and attractions to offer that if you are short of time, I highly recommend booking a tour. Here are some great tour options in Buenos Aires.




As our romantic journey through South America concludes, we hope this guide has ignited the spark for your next love-filled adventure. From the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands to the historical charm of Cartagena, the culinary delights of Lima, and the passionate streets of Buenos Aires, each destination offers a unique canvas for creating lasting memories with your loved one.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply nurturing your connection, these romantic getaways beckon with enchantment. The diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and exceptional hospitality of these destinations make them perfect canvases for love stories.

So, pack your bags, embrace the allure of South America, and let the romance unfold in these captivating locales. From sunsets on pristine beaches to tango-filled nights, may your journey be as unforgettable as the love you share. Cheers to love, adventure, and the magic of South American romance!


Unforgettable romantic getaways in South America

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Unforgettable romantic getaways in South America

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