5 ideas on how to find new inspiration to plan your next trip

5 ideas on how to find new inspiration to plan your next trip

Time to dream and plan your next trip!

Are you an avid traveller? If you feel that you have already been everywhere and seen everything, or if you are just struggling with new destinations. Here are some methods to come up with fresh, new travel ideas.



If you are in South America I would love to see your pictures.
  •  Friends’ advice

Get some insight from friends. Where have your friends been and where did they enjoy visiting? This will help you know a bit more what you are getting yourself into.

Cons: No bragging opportunities. It is possible that your friends are probably traveling somewhere way more exciting.

  • Spin the globe

This is a classic. Use the globe as a kind of roulette, close your eyes and go wherever your finger points when it stops spinning. Tip: move your arm up and down so that you are not bound to end up in the northern hemisphere.

Cons:  If you stick to just land areas chances are 1 in 8 that you end up in Russia. In addition, over 70 percent of the earth’s surface is made up of water so you should enjoy cruising when trying this method.

  • Brochures

Attend a travel fair or exhibition, visit a travel agent or the local Tourist Information Office and get a lot of advertising material. Great photos, tempting descriptions, it is easy to get lost in the dream world of the many fabulous travel brochures.

Cons: Well maybe a bit too much paper waste. Also, who is cleaning up after you? There’s paper all over the floor!



Focus on South America. Visit this website and get inspiration from the many articles on different topics. Pop a bottle of wine and enjoy while reading of all the wonderful countries, landscapes and attractions to visit in this continent. We are Travel Directors at Life Travelling, an Ecuadorian tour Operator based in Quito, with several years of experience planning trips in Ecuador and South America and we are ready to help you plan your memorable trip to South America.

Cons: You will have a lot of activities already and will need to use a map to choose from the countries in South America.


These are just some easy ways to find inspiration for your next trip. There are so many amazing places to visit in the world! Have you tried any other methods to find new ideas for your trips? Tell me about it!









5 ideas on how to find new inspiration to plan your next trip

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