Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)

Ecuadorian dessert: Colaciones

Ecuadorian dessert: Colaciones

Ecuador with its four regions, is a very diverse country, and this is something that can be witnessed through its gastronomy. Fruits and vegetables abound and are available year-round, making eating food part of the experience for all visiting the country.

Through our blog we want to share the places and also the flavors that are traditional to the different regions of the country.

We want you to explore the sweet side of Quito, by learning about these traditional candies called colaciones.


Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)

About colaciones

This round sweet, filled with dried fruits, mainly peanuts or almonds dates back to the Court of Madrid, specifically to the festivities of the Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies.

Back then, it was considered a sweet that could only be consumed by the aristocracy, later it was introduced in Quito in religious and civil festivities, especially in bullfights, where they were distributed in abundance, they were also used for decoration in cakes, pastries, desserts, etc.

Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)

At the beginning of the last century, many families in Quito were in the business of making these sweets, essential in the pockets of schoolchildren at the time, but now only Luis Banda's snack business survives. Banda is the proud heir to a tradition that refuses to let it disappear "as long as I live", as he says this year, in which his sweets will celebrate a century.

How are they made

Colaciones is a traditional sweet from the capital city of Ecuador, one that dates back to colonial times.

These small round sweets are filled with peanuts or almonds, and made with sugar, water, lemon, and essences.

A peanut or an almond is covered slowly with a coat of this sugary mix.

En su pequeño negocio en Quito, Juan Banda mantiene viva esta tradición.

Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)


Interesting facts about colaciones

  • Nowadays you can visit a traditional confectioner in Quito, to admire the traditional method of making “colaciones”, as well as to sample the delicious sweets.
  •  Luis Banda, who works in the San Roque neighborhood, is perhaps one of the most well-known.
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Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)

What do they taste like

Due to the texture colaciones can be described as sweet yet crunchy candies, they have a




How and where to eat colaciones

If you are in downtown Quito, make sure to taste the colaciones (traditional candy with peanuts). If possible, visit Luis Banda, who works in the San Roque neighborhood.

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Ecuadorian dessert colaciones visitecuadorandsouthamerica (1)


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Ecuadorian dessert: Colaciones

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