Hosteria Miramelindo

Detox at Spa Hosteria Miramelindo – Lodge in Baños Ecuador

Detox at Hotel Spa Miramelindo in Baños Ecuador

Planning the perfect getaway to enjoy the adventure-filled, natural wonders of the city of Baños in Ecuador?  Want to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in a place surrounded by unparalleled beauty? Then Hotel Spa Miramelindo, is what you are looking for.

Where is it located

The spa is located in the village Rio Verde, 15km from Baños Ecuador, surrounded by nature.

This is what makes Hotel Spa Miramelindo a charming place. Ideal to recharge your batteries.

If you want to find other similar spas to spend the night, here are some great options to enjoy a relaxing time in Baños

This was our ideal place to stop on our way from Quito to Cuenca. Once we arrived, we could immediately feel the laid-back atmosphere that this place exudes.

About the Lodge

All staff members are friendly and take care of every detail. The service was outstanding and equally memorable both times we stayed there.

As a matter of fact, on our second visit to this place, my husband got traveler’s disease, a.k.a, Montezuma’s revenge. Manuel the owner of the Lodge was not only very attentive.  He even found a doctor for him when we saw he was not getting better.

Hosteria Miramelindo.

Why Hotel Spa Miramelindo

Another great feature of Miramelindo is that due to its location you get to enjoy unparalleled views of the Sangay National Park. It has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site and is part of the Llanganages National Park.

This place is a feast for the senses!

Moreover, the hotel has a lovely courtyard full of lush tropical plants that welcome you, as it is the main feature at the entrance.

In addition, this idyllic hostel is full of lovely decorations inspired by Latin American artist Endara Crow.

Hosteria Miramelindo.
Hotel Spa Miramelindo.

Activities nearby:

The Spa Hotel is located just a short hiking distance from one of the top waterfalls in the province, the Pailon del Diablo

Hosteria Miramelindo.

Time to relax:

In addition to the pool and a nice warm jacuzzi located by the river, we decided to book a spa treatment, called baño de cajón.  The aim of this treatment is to detox our bodies from some of the toxins that we get from everyday life.

Then, inside the sauna boxes or cajones, you get to wear your swimsuit with a towel around the neck. Inside the box, you have a lever that allows you to adjust the temperature or heat that you desire.

Hosteria Miramelindo.

During the whole treatment, we switched between the sauna boxes and cold water. The duration of each stage increased, so we ended up at the end some minutes at the sauna boxes, and instead of being doused in cold water, we went in the cold running river located just next to the hotel.

Furthermore, 45 minutes later and with some sweating, we got a great detox.

Benefits expected: increased blood circulation, decrease levels of cholesterol, better sleep, and cleaner skin.


You will surely feel more balanced and relaxed after a spa treatment and a hike to the breathtaking waterfall Pailon del Diablo.

Thus, spending a day or a weekend at this calming place, it is the perfect weekend getaway or a stop on your way to Cuenca or Quito.

Get your room at: Hotel Spa Miramelindo, Banos, Ecuador

Disclosure: I was the guest of Hotel Spa Miramelindo, however, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own and based on my personal experience.

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Detox at Spa Hosteria Miramelindo – Lodge in Baños Ecuador

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