Dulce de higos Ecuador

Ecuadorian dessert: Dulce de higos

Ecuadorian dessert: Dulce de higos

Ecuador is a country small in size and diverse in food.

Seafood, fruits, and vegetables abound in this South American country in the middle of the world.

Whether you are a foodie or enjoy tasting some local food when you travel, make sure to add some of the traditional food we share in our blog to your list. Due to the food variety in Ecuador, you find various recipes and ingredients in each region.

Dulce de higos Ecuador

In this article, we want to discuss the sweet traditional dessert made with figs, dulce de higos.

About dulce de higos

These caramelized figs are a very typical dessert in Ecuadorian households, no matter the income level or the time of the year.

Dulce de higos are figs in thick sugar syrup that have some flavorful spices, including cinnamon and cloves.


higos figs (2)


Dulce de higos Ecuador


When it comes to dessert in Ecuador, at least half the options include fruit in some kind of way, whether fresh or cooked, giving delicious flavor to our meals. Not surprising, with the number of fresh fruits available all over the country.


higos figs (2)

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What it tastes like

Figs in this sweet syrup have a soft texture and a delicious sweet flavor. 

We have fig trees and for many, it is also a nice option to eat them raw and the leaves are used to make tea in many homes.

“Figs and cheese, is one of my favorite desserts in Ecuador. Most people say no thank you when they hear the name. The figs in Ecuador are cooked with sugar into a sweet syrupy consistency. The white local cheese complements the sweet figs (higo) to give your taste buds an unusual treat! It’s the first thing that I look for upon arrival to Ecuador.” Glenda Jackson from our Visit Ecuador Insiders tips community on Facebook.

Dulce de higos Ecuador


How and where to eat it

If you are making figs at home, make sure to serve them lukewarm or chilled topped with syrup.

Dulce de higos, or caramelized figs are usually served with fresh cheese, queso fresco or quesillo, to help balance the sweetness. As you can see from the pictures, we also enjoy this option and recommend adding some queso fresco to your figs.





We enjoy dulce de higos during a cafecito or afternoon coffee, or as a dessert, and this dessert can be found in high-end restaurants as well as for sale in the supermarket.

If you want to try to make them at home, we found a good recipe for you.  You can find it here.


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Dulce de higos Ecuador


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Ecuadorian dessert: Dulce de higos

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