Cocada: a popular Ecuadorian dessert

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Cocada: a popular Ecuadorian dessert

This is a traditional dessert from the Coastal region of Ecuador and one that I enjoy getting during my trips to the beach.

The meaning of cocada is or translates as sweet dessert made of coconut and sugar. Cocadas made in Esmeraldas are either white or black, the color depending on the kind of sugar added in the recipe.

Although the history of cocada can be traced back to Spain and back to the XIX century, I would like to focus this blogpost solely on the cocadas from Ecuador in order to keep with the aim of this blog.

The truth is that cocadas are great snacks, but are also great as dessert.

instagramIf you are in South America I would love to see your pictures.

After so many years living in Ecuador and visiting as a tourist while living abroad, this year after my mom suggested to visit the cocada factories along the highway on our way to Tonsupa beach in Esmeraldas, I agreed and I was glad.

I have made a video and some pics to show you a bit more about this tasty sweet from the Coastal region of the country.

How are cocadas made

In a paila or big rounded pot as the one below, they place the shredded coconut, the coconut water, sugar, milk and let it simmer while they shake it constantly

I will not go so much into detail as I have been able to make a short video of the process. I believe that the mixing and final part of the process are probably the ones that take more effort. You might agree after looking at the video.

If I can use one adjective to describe cocadas, it is: mouth-watering!




In conclusion, I highly recommend you to add cocada to your list of traditional food to taste during your visit to the Coastal region of Ecuador!




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