All saints day: food traditions in Ecuador

All saints day: food traditions in Ecuador

Every year on November the 2nd,  there is a special tradition that takes place in Ecuador, it is the day of the Dead or all saints day (Spanish: ‘día de los difuntos’)   This is the day to honor the death. How? We visit them on their graves and then gather together with family in order to eat the delicious traditional dish called colada morada together with bread dolls “guaguas de pan”.

As all Latin American countries we enjoy spending time together with the family: parents, siblings, cousins, as well as grandparents. Our motto: “the more the merrier”.

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Here are some food traditions in Ecuador during all saints day

Colada Morada:

This is a beverage made from black corn flour where we add different fruits (pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, naranjilla and babaco) that will give it this special purple color. Some of the fruits (naranjilla, babaco) are just found in South America, which makes this an even more special drink to taste if you have the chance. Then we add some nice spices such as cinnamon and cloves to give it more flavour.

FacebookGuaguas de Pan:

Doll shaped bread that is eaten together with colada morada. Traditionally, all the family gathers around and makes this dolls. Nowadays, it is more an activity for the youngest and as you can see in the picture they get creative in all the shapes and colors of the bread.


In conclusion, be prepared to enjoy a festivity that represents some of our culinary traditions, beliefs and food.  These are some food traditions in Ecuador for you to enjoy during the last days of October and the start of November.



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All saints day: food traditions in Ecuador

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