Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Photo Essay

Galapagos Islands – Photo Essay

By: Carmen Cristina Carpio Tobar (@carmencristina)

These amazing Islands are located 1000 km away from the Ecuadorian coastline and are the most visited destination in Ecuador, being the vast majority, tourists coming from abroad.

The Galápagos Islands have been specially known and promoted due to the fact that It was here that Charles Darwin developed part of his famous theory of evolution by natural selection. “Natural selection is that the strongest survive and propagate and therefore increase the strength of the species.

There is something special to see at each island, thanks to evolution, and it is possible to stay in land or go onboard an expedition vessel or yacht in order to explore them more deeply.

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Enjoy a breath-taking vacation at the Galápagos Islands!

Galapagos Tropical Penguins, Ecuador

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