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France: Wedding in a French Castle, Summer 2016

France: Wedding in a French Castle, Summer 2016

This was a very special trip and invitation. This story begins more than 20 years ago, when I studied at the Alliance Francaise 5 years (I loved not only learning this really fascinating nice language, but also the wonderful people I met during the time I spent there. I completed all levels and passed the DALF exams as some of my closest friends)  

At the Alliance Francaise I met Sofy who I was lucky to see again in Paris a couple of years ago and then she met my husband and I met her now husband Pierre. These are the kind of friendships that last for ever. Sofy invited us a year ahead to her wedding to make sure we could make it. We were very grateful and together with my husband and another great friend from the french courses, Dieguito we finally met in France and for a great occasion.

We rented a car from Paris to Saintes, though there were floods and instead of 5 hours the trip took us 10 hours. We met Dieguito at Saintes and spent the night at an AirBnB French beautifully decorated farm house.

The day after we woke up early to go get some traditional french food and to visit the charming town of Saintes.







Then we just changed our clothes to more formal ones, and got ready to head to Saint Porchaire to attend the beautiful wedding ceremony of our friends.




After an intimate lovely wedding ceremony the wedding reception was to take place in a castle! A magical and unforgettable experience in France. 
The Castle – Chateau de la Roche Courbon











We had to start the day early the day after the wedding because of the traffic and the flood we needed to leave as early as possible. So,  unfortunately we could neither stay until the end nor attend the brunch the bride and groom had organised the day after.
The advantage is that we had a bit of time to stop, rest and do some sightseeing in some gorgeous places along the way.




We stopped in Saint-Savin to visit the Romanesque Abbey Church which dates back to the 11th century and has murals which are in a remarkable state of preservation. The abbey has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983.











Along the way we found more medieval sites that just got us awe-inspired. 





One of our last stops along the way was the city of Tours, a couple of hours from Paris. 
We visited the cathedral with some impressive and beautiful stained-glass work. 










This was the view from our AirBnB apartment in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. The view was amazing, and it got even better at night. 



We had a long day and I got a bit of a cold that night so we did not manage to start the day as early as expected. 
The positive thing is that from all my visits to Paris I finally had the time to stand in line to enter Notre Dame and the weather was not as hot as during the summer season when standing there was not provoking. 
If the cathedral in Tours was really gorgeous due to all the details and gorgeous stained-glassed windows, Notre Dame was even better. We took our time to see every rose, to read and to admire each detail of the most impressive medieval church!











Food in France…

Dinner was at a nice French restaurant were we had a nice meal before travelling back home. 




Place Vendome is the chic area in Paris. 


Then we drove to the airport to deliver the car and it took us 2 hours to get there, sometimes the traffic in Paris can be crazy!  First time there driving, so now I know. 
We met a friend at the airport who was on the same flight, and actually was sitting next to me, that was a nice conversation and opportunity to practice my French! 🙂 Great trip! Thank you for the wedding invitation Sofy!


The most memorable wedding I have attended lately! France is definitely a romantic destination. 
Thank you for reading.


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