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Magnifique! Nothing beats the French Mediterranean landscapes and traditions

Magnifique! Nothing beats the French Mediterranean landscapes and traditions

This trip covered one of the 27 regions there are in France: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Monaco.

Once you lay eyes on any of these cities or towns, you will realize that it is not a coincidence that such a charming area, with beautiful and picturesque landscapes and streets, would inspire many impressionist artists.

People are quite relaxed, I mean compared with what you can see in Paris, and in addition, the food “c’est magnifique”, as the locals would describe it!

As you stroll around the quaint streets, you will be kindly greeted by the locals by a “Bonjour” and a warm smile.

The streets are kind of narrow, the houses are nice many have preserved their facades for centuries and it is just like being immersed in another era.


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And the opportunities to sit under the sun and enjoy something to eat or drink, abound.

First stop – NICE

So, the best option is to try to have Nice as your departing point. I have done the backpacking trip around the area, most trains stop in Nice and would connect to other stations around and abroad from there. While you are waiting for the connection, you can easily reach the beach or main promenade in the city and if you are doing this trip during the summer season, odds of having a nice day are very high! There you can stroll around the city or as we did with my sister take a nice sunbath as a relaxing, kind of recharge your batteries, activity. The only but could be that the beach doesn’t have sand but small stones and that makes it not so comfy for sleeping or for swimming. Nevertheless, the landscape. Is stunning and the weather would be nice!

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My last and most recent trip to Nice was by air, as it proved also a very convenient location or starting point for any other day trips or connections by air or ground.

A recommended stop – NÎMES

This is a rather small city, for France’s standards, I may add.

Nimes became a roman colony more than two millennia ago, and you can find some very important architecture remaining from those times.


The main ones: La mainson Carrée, Le pont du Garde and the Amphitheatre.

My first memories and information about France, as well as of the Mediterranean lifestyle came from my family in France. Long story short, years ago my aunt met a French man in Ecuador, married and moved to Nîmes. They visited very often and we had a huge influence from them, my love for the country, culture and the language was highly influenced by them.

Of course, nothing prepares you for the real experience!

Mediterranean gastronomy

Regarding the french gastronomy, I can say that  each meal is an event carefully prepared and thoroughly enjoyed.

No wonder the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have such fame! With excellent wine, foie gras, cheeses and crêpes, to name a few.


The principality of Monaco, located on the French Riviera has a rather small population: approximately 36.000 inhabitants. Most people of course know it because of the casino Monte – carlo casino, a must for people who enjoy gambling in beautiful surroundings.

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La Provence in France, a place that brings many memories from my visits to family living in Nimes and a place that seldom will be forgotten by its visitors.

Thank you for reading.
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French Mediterranean


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